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The potential consequences of DUI or criminal traffic offenses are too significant to simply "take your punishment." In addition to jail, license suspension, fines and even vehicle forfeiture, a conviction can haunt you in numerous ways — future arrests, driving privileges, employment, professional licenses.

With knowledgeable representation, there are proven defenses to limit the impact of a DUI or traffic crime, and in some cases, even get charges dismissed. The St. Petersburg DUI defense lawyer at The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger will explore all possible defenses and make every effort to limit the impact of DUI penalties.Drinking and driving

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Any statements to police will be used against you. There are important issues to address before your first court appearance. And you must specifically request a Formal Review Hearing within 10 days of arrest or automatically forfeit your license. Contact our St. Petersburg office for a free consultation.

Our page on Your Drunk Driving Case, covers the topic of DUI in detail:

  • Why Defend a DUI Case?
  • 20 Common Questions
  • Summary Of DUI and
  • Administrative Suspension Laws
  • Administrative License Hearing
  • Obtaining a Hardship License
  • DUI Criminal Penalties
  • Ignition Interlock
  • Vehicle Impoundment
  • Vehicle Forfeiture
  • Field Sobriety Tests
  • Traffic Stops and Roadblocks
  • Calculate Blood Alcohol Content

DUI and Other Criminal Traffic Offenses

The following are criminal "traffic tickets." They are misdemeanor crimes or possibly felony charges. Under Florida law, each of these carries the real possibility of jail (or prison), substantial sanctions against your driver's license and other costly and harsh penalties:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving on a suspended or revoked license with knowledge
  • Leaving the scene of an accident (hit and run)
  • DUI manslaughter (causing a death)

A Battle on Two Fronts

There are two parts to a DUI or traffic offense:

  1. Criminal proceedings — We first aim to get charges dismissed or reduced by challenging the probable cause or the physical evidence. We always attempt to get DUIs reduced to reckless driving, arrange jail alternatives or negotiate minimum sentences. Managing the sentence on a DUI can often save the client months of probation and license suspension time.
  2. An administrative hearing before the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles must be requested within 10 days. Our team at The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger fights to avoid license suspension or at least secure a permit to drive for work, church, medical and educational purposes.

Field Sobriety Tests

The Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) is made of up 3 individual tests:

  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) test - The officer will observe the eyes of the person in question as they slowly move a pen or small object back and forth to look for indicators in each eye that the person is impaired.
  • Walk-and-turn test - For this, the officer instructs the person to take nine steps, touching heel-to-toe in a straight line and the return back. The officer is looking for signs that the person is impaired such as not being able to keep their balance, starting before the instructions are finished or not following the instructions properly.
  • One-leg stand test - In this test, the officer instructs the person to stand with one foot off the ground and hold it for about 30 seconds or until told to put it down. The officer looks for signs of impairment such as swaying, hoping or using their arms to balance.

Qualified to Handle Your DUI or Traffic Violation in St. Petersburg

Timothy Hessinger spent 15 years as a prosecutor with the State Attorney's office. As a DUI defense trial lawyer, he can put his prosecutor experience to work for you.

They have handled thousands of traffic and DUI cases under every scenario:

  • First-time DUIs
  • DUI over .15 or over .20 (enhanced penalties)
  • Repeat offenses (including felony DUI)
  • Driving after suspension for DUI
  • Implied consent violations (refusal of a chemical test)
  • Drunk drivers under age 21
  • DUI for commercial drivers (CDL license)
  • Out-of-state drivers arrested in Florida
  • DUI accidents causing injury or death
  • Driving drunk with a child in the car

Let's Discuss Your Criminal Traffic Case

We start every DUI or criminal traffic case with a detailed interview with our client. Then we compare your version of events against the police report and the dashboard video from the squad car (if available). The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger takes cases in Pinellas County, Hillsborough County, Pasco County and Manatee County.

Contact a DUI attorney in Pinellas County at 727.502.6496 a soon as possible for a free case evaluation.

Proven Record of Results

Award-Winning Experience on Your Side
  • DUI charge reduced to Reckless Driving DUI
  • Not Guilty after Jury Trial Possession of Undersize Stone Crab Claws
  • Reduced to Felony Battery, dismissed, sealed. Aggravated Battery
  • All charges dropped. Loitering and Prowling
  • All charges dropped. Battery Domestic
  • All charges dropped. Battery on Spouse
  • Charge dismissed / diversion / Sealed Grand Theft
  • Charge Reduced to Reckless Driving. DUI
  • All charges dropped and expunged. GAG Grouper Out of Season
  • All charges dropped. Grand Theft

Our Clients Share Their Experience

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  • “Tim is one of the best prosecutors & one of the best trial attorneys I have ever worked with.”

    Legal Professional

  • “We are so grateful beyond words as to hiring such a dedicated attorney who always had our back.”


  • “All charges being dropped”


  • “He helped our entire family feel secure”

    Former Client

  • “Mr. Hessinger is an excellent Attorney.”

    Brittany R.

  • “Helped put a mistake I made behind me”

    Former Client

  • “Overall rating 5 STARs-Excellent!!!!”


  • “Brilliant and fearless advocate”

    Legal Professional

  • “Dedicated and Responsive”

    Former Client

  • “Far surpassed my expectations”


  • “I could have not made a better investment on my future and that of my family.”

    Former Client

  • “Tim Hessinger has an impeccable back ground in law with years of experience and it was demonstrated many times during the case in which he represented me.”


  • “Mr. Hessinger was extremely thorough, thoughtful and most of all gave me a sense of security knowing that I was in the most capable of hands.”


  • “He met every single goal that we had set.”

    Former Client

  • “I was very satisfied with his services and he was the best attorney that I have had the experience working with.”

    Lloyd Law, Jr.

Benefits of Choosing Tim Hessinger for Your Case

Why Clients Are Choosing Us
  1. Confidential, complimentary initial consultations
  2. Accepting calls and cases 24 hours a day
  3. Exclusively devoted to criminal defense
  4. Impressive track record of charge reductions, acquittals, and dismissals
  5. 15 years of experience in the State Attorney's office
  6. Named Prosecutor of the Year in 2004
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