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At The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger we understand the difficulties that out-of-state clients face when they are accused of a Florida crime. Our St. Petersburg criminal defense lawyer helps out-of-state clients stay out of court. In some cases, you won't even need to come back to Florida to defend your case. We will defend it for you.

Common Visitor and Student Crimes

Criminal defense attorney Tim Hessinger is a former state prosecutor, which means our team knows how prosecutors prepare their cases and we employ strategic, hard hitting defense to zealously guide our out-of-state clients through Florida's criminal justice system.

We defend out-of-state clients against all criminal charges, including:

Outstanding Warrants in Pinellas County

If you face an outstanding warrant for a Florida crime, we will establish your outstanding obligations and negotiate a resolution with the state. We can often resolve the outstanding warrant without you being arrested or going to jail.

Probation Violations and Transfers

If you are an out-of-state client charged with violating probation in Florida, we can help resolve the probation violation. In some cases, you can avoid being arrested on the probation warrant and avoid being booked into the county jail.

Misdemeanors and Felonies (new charges)

You will likely not have to return to Florida if you are accused of a misdemeanor. We can file a document with the court called a "Plea in Absentia" (PIA), which allows for efficient resolution of your case without a court appearance.

If you face a felony, we will appear for you in court and work out a resolution. You will likely not have to return to Florida until a resolution is reached.

Criminal Defense for Out-of-State College Students

We represent students from Eckerd College, the University of South Florida (USF), and other colleges and universities in Florida. When visiting students face allegations for marijuana possession, destruction of property and other crimes, their future is at stake. We help students fight these charges. If they are charged, we advocate for alternative sentencing.

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