Juvenile Offenses in Pinellas County

Protecting Juveniles Charged with Crimes

The juvenile justice system is geared toward rehabilitation rather than punishment. But, your son or daughter may still face severe consequences. Our Florida juvenile law attorney works to soften the consequences and limit the impact on your child's future. If your child is charged with a criminal offense in Pinellas County, Hillsborough County, Pasco County or Manatee County, contact The Law Office of Timothy Hessinger.

Juvenile Crime Defense in St. Petersburg, Florida

There really aren't any "juvenile crimes," other than underage consumption of alcohol. Teenagers are charged under the same Florida statutes that adults are. We have defended juveniles on charges from petty offenses to serious violent felonies, but the most common juvenile court offenses are:

Juvenile Court

The crimes are the same but the rules, the rights, and the punishments are different in the juvenile justice system. There are many diversion programs for juvenile crimes to help youths get their lives on track while still being held accountable for their actions.

We work hard to limit the impact on current schooling, college entrance and future employment. Your child needs an attorney who can intervene with prosecutors on the front end of the case, defend them against untrue accusations, and negotiate for fair and reasonable sentences that avoid a criminal record.

Is Your Child Accused of a Major Felony?

For almost all types of offenses, the prosecutor has the discretion to charge any child over age 16 as an adult. We fight to keep your son or daughter in juvenile court if at all possible. If your child is charged as an adult, Tim Hessinger has more than 20 years of criminal law experience, which he will use to obtain the best possible results. Our firm will explore all avenues of defense, including a Youthful Offender departure sentence and moving sentencing back to juvenile court.

Find Out Where Your Child Stands

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